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"A simple, practical guide for determining what is best for you to eat." ~ Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Physician

It's time to change the food and weight conversation. My newest book (coming soon) is for everyone interested in discovering what overweight is here to teach them. It's an invitation to release excess emotional and physical weight by honoring your emergent voice.

As humans, we have always been storytellers. You have a muse, you are creative and you are a writer (even if you think you’re not). It is through telling your story that you remember, and have the potential to view your story from a new perspective.

The challenge is to enter your food story consciously and then go beyond it... Trust the messages your body sends and discontinue putting faith into what everyone else is telling you to do and not do. Once you establish and practice this, a portal to self-love and healing opens.


After building a strong foundation in Eastern and Western nutrition, I provide four easy steps to author your own diet. We’ll openly discuss making love with confidence and bingeing when feeling empty. I’ll equip you with Try This cooking techniques that bring balance to your unique taste buds, lifestyle and constitution. We’ll de-clutter our kitchens and stock them with everything needed to cook delicious meals without recipes. What's more, we'll make shaking our booties fun!


The way to successfully release excess weight is to tap into your body’s wisdom; the same intelligence that draws a tree to light is living through you!



Cooking Without Recipes

This best-seller illustrates how to unleash your creativity in the kitchen. Prepare delicious, organic, high-vibration dishes without the use of measuring cups or spoons. Joachim Splichal, chef of Los Angeles’ Pinot Bistro, wrote the foreword.

During two national book tours Cooking Without Recipes was on the news in every major city in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, followed by in-studio radio interviews and book-signings. Cooking Without Recipes was also the cover story on seventeen food sections.


Not “Just a Salad”

This practical guide shows how we can eat out while staying on a healthy diet that promotes optimal health and ideal weight. The world-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck wrote its foreword.

“Cheryl Sindell’s Not 'Just a Salad’ allows me to eat delicious ethnic foods on the road without sacrificing good nutrition.”
~ Marianne Williams

"Not 'Just a Salad’ points the way to successful dining. Use it, enjoy it, and bon appetit!”
~ Wolfgang Puck

"What a huge factor self-love played in releasing my excess weight. Cheryl says, there’s so much more to weight loss than food and exercise; it’s true!”

~ Steve Nelson, Venice, California

"Refreshing! After years and years of one-size-fits-all diets, Cheryl Sindell showed me how much I weigh is up to me!”

~ (Apollo Creed) Carl Weathers, Actor

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