What’s Your Constitution – A Quiz:

Are you confused about what’s best for you to eat? If your answer is 'yes,' I’m not surprised.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet. Something as small as a daily hot coffee is beneficial for overcoming imbalance for some people, yet not as good for others. The following quiz will assist you in understanding your body’s constitution, your dosha or true nature. This is a prerequisite to understanding what’s best for you to eat, and why. Just because one 'healthy' beverage, or food, such as blueberries, cauliflower, avocados or coffee is beneficial for one person, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you, or me.

According to Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest whole-body healing systems, to determine whether it would be better for you to add meat to your diet or eliminate it, eat this vegetable or that one, incorporate protein, carbs, raw or cooked food—which beverages, herbs and spices would bring balance to your constitution—you need to know your primary constitution.

Taking the quiz below will give you a breakdown of your proportion of each of the three doshas—vata, pitta, and kapha—within your unique mind-body constitution, and how they play a role in your mind-body physiology.

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re using a few Sanskrit words, such as vata, pitta and kapha (VPK). This is necessary because there are no single words in English to convey the same meanings.

air & space


fire & water


earth & water


Understanding VPK is important because Ayurveda provides blueprints, optimal food lists, that are are designed to bring balance to vata, pitta or kapha. These food lists are not restrictive, written in stone, or fad diets. They are guidelines that simplify bringing your unique nature, or constitution, into balance.

Dosha Quiz—Discover Your Constitution

Each question has buttons to answer YES or NO. As you read the descriptions, more than one choice may resonate with you. However, rather than thinking back to when you were a child, only indicate yes or no to what resonates with you now. Work quickly. Don’t spend too much time on any one question. Follow your instincts and go with your first instinct. The whole questionnaire shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Be sure not to omit any questions. There are no right or wrong answers, and this isn’t a test of intelligence or ability. It's simply a measure of the way you feel today:

1.Are you on the thinner side with a narrow frame and broad shoulders?
2.Do you have a long neck, fingers and toes?
3.Do you have a tendency toward a dry scalp and skin?
4.Do you lose weight easily?
5.Is your frame medium?
6.Do you have good musculature?
7.You talk in an organized manner.
8.You generally maintain a steady weight.
9.Is your body temperature on the warmer side?
10.Do you tend to be thirsty?
11.Do you have freckles?
12.Are you prone to skin irritation?
13.Is your hair and skin tone reddish?
14.Are your eyes blue, gray, hazel or green and sensitive to light?
15.Do you have large pleasant eyes?
16.You have thick lashes and brows.
17.Is your neck on the shorter side?
18.Do you talk in a deep, slow manner?
19.Do you have a sturdy build?
20.You have the potential to gain weight easily.
21.Do you have a solid, sturdy build with large bones?
22.Are you relatively easy going?
23.Generally speaking you have a natural resistance to disease.
24.Is your hair thick, on the oily side, often dark and curly?
25.Are your movements fast and capable?
26.You talk fast.
27.Is it challenging for you to stay focused?
28.Do you become distracted easily?
29.You are creative and energetic by nature.
30.Are you artistic?
31.Are you a natural healer?
32.You like to exercise.
33.If you miss a meal is it not a big deal to you?
34.Are you intense?
35.Are you energetic?
36.Do you walk at a fast pace?
37.Are you perceptive and dynamic?
38.Are you a natural teacher, leader and guide?
39.Is it relatively easy for you to stay focused, especially under stress?
40.Do you walk at a slow to moderate pace?
41.Are you consistent and dedicated in whatever you do?
42.Do you tend to provide unconditional love, nurturing and support?
43.Do you rarely miss a meal?
44.Are you a caretaker and supporter by nature?
45.Is it easiest for you to learn by listening or touching?
46.Is it easiest for you to learn by reading?
47.Is it easiest for you to learn by tasting or smelling?
48.Are you prone to constipation?
49.Do you often have immune challenges that lead to chronic sore throats or colds?
50.When you get sick is it often related to an imbalance in your nervous, circulatory or digestive system?
51.Do you have a tendency to have cold hands or feet?
52.Do you have a sensitive stomach and sometimes you eat too fast?
53.Are you are prone to rashes?
54.Are you usually warm?
55.Are you prone to loose stools?
56.Do you have a tendency toward heartburn?
57.Do you have a strong digestive system?
58.You avoid exercise.
59.Do you tend to retain water?
60.Are you prone to mucous conditions of the lungs and sinuses?
61.Does stress make you feel fearful?
62.Does excessive stress often lead to sleeplessness?
63.If you become angry, do you suppress your emotions and sometimes withdraw?
64.Are you often cynical?
65.Do you tend to overeat or eat too fast?
66.Do stressful situations cause you to loose your temper?
67.Do you have a tendency to become jealous?
68.Do you often become overly attached to people and things?
69.Do you have a tendency to feel depressed?
70.Do you tend to “crack” your knuckles?
71.Is your hair on the straight or slightly wavy side?
72.Is your body curvaceous?
73.Is your frame on the wider side?
74.Are your thighs relatively full?
75.Do you tend to have a jacket on when others don’t?
76.Do you have a tendency to eat more than your body needs?
77.Do you prefer avoiding the wind?
78.Do you have a tendency to experience anxiety?