Kiss the Cook — Ingredients for Intimacy

A HOT and intriguing new documentary series that brings communication, sensuality and healing to the eternal dance between the sexes. We turn the ordinary acts of shopping, cooking and eating into an extraordinary path to deepen vulnerability, intimacy, and lasting love.

Soon to be filmed on Maui, Kiss the Cook is a series people will talk about... Because how you “cook” together in the kitchen is reflected in how you “cook” together in life!

Coming soon. Meet our tribe. See who The Kiss the Cook team invited to the table. And then, ultimately learn how to create your own Home Gathering.

Everyone longs for love...

People strip & have sex all the time—that’s easy. But getting emotionally naked—opening your soul to your lover, letting others into your fears, past, future, hopes & dreams—that takes courage!

~ Cheryl Sindel

If you could invite anyone to the table who would it be ?

It’s remarkable to be with a lover—your lover—that special someone with whom you want to co-create a life-long breakfast and dinner date.


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