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Cheryl Sindell

Global Nutritionist​, Consumers' Reporter & Weight Loss Mentor

"I’ve become my own health & weight loss hero. Thousands of my clients have done it & now, It’s your turn. The passageway to creating your healthy weight is self-love!"
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Ayurveda & Western Nutrition

How to author your own diet

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My writing is about journeying into yourself, the integration of eastern and western nutrition, and creating your healthy weight. Everyone has an on-going food story.

Food pulls us into the moment. The sizzle and smell of a chopped onion can take us into the heart of a memory. We’ll discuss a daily routine, shaking our booties, under-eating, overeating, and how to stop eating when satisfied. According to Ayurveda, the key to optimal health is to balance our unique constitution. Be sure to take the Dosha Quiz to find out if your constitution is: vata, pitta, or kapha. Dosha is the Sanskrit word for constitution. And absolutely check out my seasonal, organic, and hassle-free Cooking without Recipe techniques (that take thirty minutes or less).

Covid-19 Has Sent Us to Our Rooms to Self-Reflect

Although one-size never fits all, we’re all being told to stay home.


Let’s Clean Up Our Food Supply

The adventure we’re ready for is the one we’re on!


Integrative Nutrition is The Nutrition of the Future

My Purpose: To greatly impact the overweight epidemic by transforming the growing, manufacturing, shopping, cooking & eating of food into the spiritual practices they are.

My Vision: To write a weight loss book that inspires the greatest possible number of people to author their own diet, bring balance to their unique constitution, create & maintain their healthy weight.

My Mission: To get Be the Boss of Your Weight Loss: Create Your Healthy Weight! to every individual with a deep desire to be empowered in every food situation imaginable!

Write your food story: Insights, introspection & self-reflection must come first.

Take the dosha quiz. Determine your constitution. Go on a kitchari cleanse. Empower yourself in every food situation. Design your Ayurvedic lifestyle & author your own diet: This comes next.

Become informed in every situation imaginable. Make informed choices. Lose weight. Cook seasonally & keep the weight off: This is the happy ending!

Do it backwards and the weight you lose will likely return.

Your body is your guide. Your body is smart, it never lies, and it knows how to lose weight.

While giving away your power is a choice, becoming empowered in every food situation, authoring your own diet & eating seasonally are essential to creating your healthy weight & staying there. The strongest medicine for losing weight is the untapped potential within!

Set up the right internal & external environment. Your body knows how to release excess weight!

“Be the Boss of Your Weight Loss: a minor miracle given how difficult losing weight & keeping it off can be.”

Judith Orloff - physician, author & public figure



Listening, Speaking, & Writing From The Heart

"Cheryl Sindell will transform your relationship to food from a struggle to the spiritual practice it is.”

Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

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